Port 40 Automation Management Server® 2013

When you need to give your customers secure access to the status or state of your critical systems, Port 40 is the company to turn to for it's Automation Management Server® (AMS). It  helps you get information to any part of the Enterprise.

Your customers want to build applications to analyze or improve the functioning of their systems. They have a bright new idea that is going to save their company a hundred million dollars. They need access to the data, and they need it now. The Automation Management Server® provides easy to use web and web service interfaces on which they can build. Access to data is as simple as clicking a link in a web browser.


Let your customers build

  • Mobile apps
  • Dashboard applications
  • Energy management applications
  • Query tools
  • Status monitors
  • Aggregation summaries
  • Analysis of historical data
  • Fault detection and diagnosis
  • Custom smart applications
  • And much more
Mobile Apps Dashboards Energy Management Fault Detection and Diagnosis Enterprise Status Analysis Custom Applications

The Automation Management Server® can read (and optionally write) from embedded control systems like BACnet, MODBUS, SNMP, OBIX, Lonworks, OPC, and more. Real time, live updates are available to your customers' client applications via web service or even email notifications. Historical trend data is available from a high performance database engine built on SQL Server.

Client Interfaces


Client applications connect to the Automation Management Server® using the developer's favorite tools. The following connection points are fully supported:



  1. A WS-Management web service interface. WS-Management is an industry standard for communication in IT systems everywhere. TDMTF.orghe specification can be downloaded from the DMTF, http://dmtf.org/standards/wsman
  2. The IAutomationManagementServer web service interface. This interface simplifies the WS-Management web service interface which requires the manipulation of SOAP headers for some of the message parameters.
  3. Two RESTful web GET web access interfaces which return data in XML format. One mirrors the complete IAutomationManagementServer interface, and the other is a JQuery friendly resource URI based interface.
  4. Two JSON web interfaces that perform the same functions as the RESTful interfaces, but return data in JSON format for easy consumption by web developer tools.

And should you need it, the Automation Management Server® other products provide protocol translation to a variety of formats, including BACnet, SNMP, OPC, and OBIX.

AMS is a software solution. No proprietary hardware required. No lock-in with a specific vendor. Just install it on any standard Windows 2008 or later server machine you already have in your operating room, open up a secure SSL port to your management team, and give them access.

With the AMS software, your customer can build his own custom web applications to target any client device in his enterprise. Any environment that can consume web services, XML, or JSON will have unfettered and simple access to your automation control data. The included AMS Browser itself is an application that uses the web service interface of the software to query and manually configure the server. Snoop on it using Fiddler or any web protocol analyzer to see how your customers will be accessing your data.


Supported Backend Systems

  • BACnet (Building Automation and Control) networks
  • MODBUS, with a unique register mapping system for complex MODBUS entities
  • SNMP (Simple Network Management Protocol)
  • OPC (Ole for Process Control)
  • Lonworks via OBiX (Open Building Information Exchange)
  • Custom protocol drivers


Security and Access Control

Security and access control has been a top priority in the building of the Automation Management Server. An entire system can be made read-only with the flick of a switch. The responsible party must be physically present and logged on to the Windows server machine (as an Administrator) to flip the switch. More finely-tuned access control is available as well.


A Simple Trending Application
for a Desktop web browser


Simple Trending Application

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